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                      • Tel:+86-394-5609199
                      • Fax:+86-394-5605666
                      • C/P:+86-18703836008


                      • Zhoukou City, Henan Province, Shangshui County Industrial Park

                      About us

                      Henan Nanyang explosion-proof motor Co.,Ltd is a professional explosion proof motor manufacturer enterprises  which from design, production, sales and service as one, At the same time do export and import trade of mechanical and electrical, mechanical products, is only one of several motor manufactures which approved by People’s Republic of China AQSIQ in Henan province, own the national certification “ production license” “ safety sign” and “explosion-proof certificate”, our products are mainly used in Coal Mine, oil, Chemical industry and so on. Company has complete organizational structure, personnel, processing equipment, testing facilities,management system, and perfect service system. Founded in May 2001, has 2600 square meters workshop with 200pcs advance machine and equipment, all products are produced in line.Company has total assets 20 millions, and annual output and sales are about 25 millions, we have 286 staffs, including 8 senior technicians, 26 intermediate technicians, 200 skilled workers, annual output of explosion motor about 1500 thousands kilowatt.


                      Main products: YB2 series explosion-proof motors, YBK2 series Coal Mine machine, YBF2 series for Fun machine,YBS series for transmission machine, YBJ series winch, YB3 series explosion-proof motors, YBBP series Variable frequency and speed explosion-proof motors, TYPX series Variable frequency efficient three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors, TYBPE series ultra-efficient three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motors,TYPCX High efficiency three - phase permanent magnet synchronous motor for oil pumping unit, FXYT series High efficiency three - phase permanent magnet synchronous motor for textile machine, TPA series three - phase permanent magnet synchronous motor for Screw air compressor and so on, about more than 450 models motors. We sell our products to Shanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi ect about more than 20 provinces, we are a state-level mine motor manufacturers, and is one of the key explosion-proof motor production enterprises.


                      Our company has well-equipped processing equipment, advanced technology, finishing using CNC machine tools, Insulating Impregnation uses advanced VPI vacuum pressure and drying technology, Motor equipment differentiation of a line, together with the computer control test device, product quality is stable and reliable.Enterprise management is to give a new realm, strict process management, improve the quality assurance system, increase product development efforts for the market dedication more and better new products."Rely on science and technology , rely on the quantity of seeking efficiency, relying on the credibility for development, relying on the quality for the market" is the purpose of our business, Mr. Wang Kewei, general manager of our company with the staff warmly welcome Chinese and foreign businessmen came to our company for investment cooperation, business negotiations, sample orders, and seek common development, a total exhibition ambitious.


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