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                      Application of permanent magnet explosion - proof motor in mine locomotive less locomotive

                      時間:2016年12月09日 作者:河南省南洋防爆電機有限公司 點擊: 【字體:



                      Power as a dynamic energy application more and more widely, our company and Tang Jun Group research and development of mining explosion-proof electric locomotives have been put into use, and so far run well.This application fully proved that the rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor at speed , Torque, power, volume, etc. to meet the customer's individual needs of the super potential. Through practical application, we also clearly see the asynchronous motor compared with rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor in power applications, precision control, energy saving and other aspects of the obvious advantages and progress. Rare earth permanent magnet motors are more powerful power, more efficient work, more precise control and more personalized design than will be more widely used.

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