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                        Permanent magnet motor for textile use

                        Permanent magnet motor for textile use

                        FXYT Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Textile

                          FXTY series of ultra - efficient high - efficiency three - phase permanent magnet synchronous motor

                          Basic parameters

                          Rated voltage: 380V, 450V, special voltage
                          Rated frequency: 50HZ
                          Power range: 0.55-90KW
                          Insulation class: F
                          Protection class: IP54
                          Cooling method: IC411
                          Installation: IMB3, IMV1



                          1 Overview

                                 The company developed products for the ultra-efficient three-phase rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor has a high efficiency, power factor and integrated energy-saving rate. Product promotion and application, will help China's government unit GDP energy consumption reduced by 20% of this goal, the implementation of energy-saving the most realistic, most effective alternative to the lowest cost of one of the measures is to promote the use of ultra-efficient energy Three - phase rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor. We sincerely welcome the world's scientific and technological personnel, to come to technology and personnel to join and sincere cooperation, create prosperity.

                                 With reference to GB / T4831-1984, the name of the high-grade ultra-efficient NdFeB permanent magnet synchronous motor is represented by "FXYT", F is for textile, X is high, Y is permanent, and T is synchronous motor.

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