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                      Permanent magnet motor for pumping unit

                      Permanent magnet motor for pumping unit

                      TYCX pumping unit for permanent magnet synchronous motor

                        TYCX series pumping unit dedicated ultra - efficient three - phase permanent magnet synchronous motor

                        1 Overview

                        TYCX series of high efficiency three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor is a rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, is the induction motor inside the installation of rare earth NdFeB excitation current provided by the magnetic field, made with self-starting ability of permanent magnet current synchronous motor The In the stable operation, the rotor does not have resistance loss, can reduce the total loss of 20% -30%, so the efficiency can be increased by 3-4 percentage points. It has the advantages of high starting torque, high overload capacity, high efficiency, high power factor, smooth operation, simple maintenance, strong interchangeability and so on. It concentrates the advantages of asynchronous motor and general synchronous motor and overcomes the shortcomings of both , Can replace the universal series of asynchronous motors and synchronous motors, used in various occasions.



                        With a number of oil field testing and long-term use, compared with ordinary asynchronous motor, the average running current is reduced by more than 50%, as power reduction of more than 50%, power factor up to 0.98 or more, reactive power saving rate of 85% Electricity rate of 17%, the average saving rate of 10% -30%. Is the national "energy-saving products Hui min project" designated products, Sinopec motor energy-saving designated products. Products are widely used in Jianghan, Henan, East China, the Central Plains, victory, Changqing Xinjiang and other major oil fields.      

                        The efficiency of the series of products in line with GB30253-2013 "permanent magnet synchronous motor energy efficiency limit and energy efficiency rating" of the 1 standard, to achieve the same level of national advanced products. 

                        The series of products is fully enclosed, since the fan cold structure. It has the advantages of novel design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency and torque, good starting torque performance, energy saving, low noise, small vibration, safe and reliable operation. (T Synchronous Y Permanent Magnet CX Ultra High Efficiency)      

                        The series of products with self-starting capability, in the 25% -120% load range, relative to the same specifications asynchronous motor has a higher efficiency, wide economic range, with significant energy saving effect. The motor temperature is low, under the rated load, the motor temperature rise in 30-50K. This series of products is mainly applied to beam pumping unit and other similar high starting torque load on the equipment.

                        2. Basic parameters
                           Rated voltage: 380V, 600 V, 1140 V, 380/660 V, 660/1140 V
                           FM range: 5-50HZ, 50Hz-100Hz, 5-100Hz
                           Power range: 2.2-90KW
                           Insulation class: F
                           Protection class: IP54
                           Cooling method: IC411
                           Installation: IMB3



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