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                        YBS Explosion-proof motor for Conveyor

                        YBS Explosion-proof motor for Conveyor


                          YBS series flameproof three-phase Asynchronous motor for Conveyor

                          1, overview

                          1.1 Scraper conveyor with flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor (hereinafter referred to as: motor), is to drive the coal mine mining face can be curved scraper conveyor, belt conveyor or other equipment supporting the special power equipment.

                          1.2 The explosion-proof performance of the motor conforms to GB3836.1-2010 "Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres Part 1: General requirements" and GB3836.2-2010 "Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres Part 2: Explosion-proof type" d " , Made of flameproof. Explosion-proof mark for Ex d I Mb, suitable for coal mines with flammable gas or coal dust and air to form an explosive gas environment. Used to drive the conveyor (transport) machinery.

                          1.3 The motor shall be made of explosion-proof type, explosion-proof mark Ex d I Mb (see GB 3836.1) according to GB 3836.1 and GB 3836.2. Its representative significance is as follows:

                           EX: Sign of explosion-proof

                           D: Explosion - proof type of electrical equipment

                           I: electrical equipment category

                           Mb: Device protection level


                          2 .Motor model and representative significance

                          2.1 Motor model and representative significance

                           For example: YBS40-4

                           Y: Asynchronous motor

                           B: explosion-proof type

                           S: For Conveyor

                           40: output 40kw

                           4: poles (4 poles)


                          For example: DSB40-4

                          D:Asynchronous motor

                          S:For Conveyor

                          B: explosion-proof type

                          40: output 40kw

                           4: poles (4 poles)


                          3. Specification

                          Rated Voltage: 380/660V、660/1140V

                          Rated Frequency: 50HZ

                          Output: 4kw-315kw

                          Install method: B3,B5

                          Insulation class: F.H

                          Protection class: IP55

                          Cooling method: air-cooled, water-cooled

                          Explosion-proof mark: Ex d I

                          5.The conditions of use of the motor

                          4.1The motor uses environmental conditions

                          4.1 .1Ambient air temperature changes with the seasons, generally not more than -15 ~ +35

                          4..1.2 Altitude not more than 1000m

                          4.1.3 Ambient air maximum relative humidity of not more than 95% (when the temperature is +25 )

                          4.2Electrical conditions for motor use

                          4.2.1 Rated frequency: 50HZ

                          4.2.2 Rated voltage: 380.660.1140.380/660.660/1140.Allow full pressure to start directly.

                          4.2.3 The motor quota is the continuous working standard, the working type is S1.

                          4.2.4 The stator winding of the motor adopts F-class insulation system or H-class insulation system. Stator winding temperature rise (resistance method) by 85K assessment (including frame number 315L 2,4 pole, allowing 105K assessment).


                          Note: When the environmental conditions and electrical conditions used in the motor do not comply with the requirements of regulation, see the motor nameplate and the label.

                          5. Structural description

                          5.1 The protection rating of the motor housing is IP55.

                          5.2 The structure and installation of the motor are IMB3, IMB5

                          5.3 The main body of the motor shell material: base made of steel, with a high impact resistance, collision capacity, the remaining parts are not less than HT250 shell made of gray cast iron.

                          5.4 The motor has one end of a cylindrical shaft extending by a resilient coupling or a spur gear.

                          5.5The motor junction box is located at the top of the base, and the junction box is a rubber cable, which has three or six terminals for single voltage or dual voltage. The junction box inlet is divided into single inlet (frame number H132 ~ 315) and double inlet (frame size H250 ~ 315) for connecting the cable. If the motor uses double inlet junction box, and the external cable with a single port into the line, the other inlet of the ring must be blocked with metal plugs, and sealed on both sides of the ring with not less than 2mm thick metal gasket sealing , And then use the junction box bucket to press it on the seal ring, to ensure that the junction box explosion-proof performance. There is another copper grounding screw or steel galvanized bolt in the junction box for grounding.



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