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                      YBK3 High Efficiency Explosion-proof Motor

                      YBK3 High Efficiency Explosion-proof Motor

                      YBK3 High Efficiency Explosion - proof motor for coal mine
                      is a efficient explosion-proof motor which can substitute for YB2 YB3 YBK2

                        1. Overview


                           YBK3 (frame number 80 ~ 355) series of coal mine explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor (hereinafter referred to as: motor), suitable for methane or coal dust containing coal mine electrical equipment, as a general power equipment.

                        Explosion-proof performance of electric motors GB3836.1-2010 "Explosive atmospheres Part 1: General requirements for equipment", GB3836.2-2010 "Explosive atmospheres Part 2: Equipment protected by flameproof enclosure" d ", GB3836.3- 2010 "Explosive atmospheres Part 3: Equipment protected by increased safety" e ", MT451-1995 General technical specification for safety performance of flameproof low voltage three phase asynchronous motors for coal mines". Electrical performance of the implementation of Q / NY-008-2015 "YBK3 series of coal mine explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor technical conditions (frame size 80 ~ 355)" requirements, explosion-proof mark for the ExdI, for coal mining face with methane Flammable gas or coal dust and air to form an explosive gas environment.

                        The series of products with high efficiency, energy saving, long life, low noise, advanced explosion-proof structure, excellent starting performance, beautiful appearance, high reliability, shock, the operation does not produce sparks, easy maintenance and other advantages.


                        2. Product model and significance



                        YB: Explosion-proof three phase asynchronous motor

                        K3: used for coal mine

                        132: height

                        S: core length

                        4: pole


                        3. Specification


                        Rated voltage: 380V、600 V、1140 V、380/660 V、660/1140 V

                        Rated frequency:50Hz

                        Output: 5.5-315KW

                        Insulation class: F

                        Protection class: IP55

                        Cooling Method: IC411

                        Explosion-proof mark: Ex d I Mb

                        4. The conditions of use of the motor

                        4.1The motor uses environmental conditions

                        4.1 .1Ambient air temperature changes with the seasons, generally not more than -15 ~ +40

                        4.1.2 Environmental atmospheric pressure 80 ~ 110Kpa

                        4.1.3Altitude not more than 1000m

                        4.1.4Ambient air maximum relative humidity of not more than 95% (when the temperature is +25 )

                        4.1.5Working in the explosion, the lower limit between the flammable gas, steam, mist, dust or fiber and air and other forms of explosion with the risk of coal mine mining face.


                        4.2Electrical conditions for motor use

                        4.2.1 Rated frequency: 50HZ,Synchronous speed 3000r / min, 1500r / min, 1000r / min, 750r / min, 600r / min

                        4.2.2 Rated voltage: 380.660.1140.380/660.660/1140.Allow full pressure to start directly.

                        4.2.3 The motor quota is the continuous working standard, the working type is S1.

                        4.2.4 The stator winding of the motor adopts F-class insulation system or H-class insulation system. Stator winding temperature rise (resistance method) by 85K assessment (including frame number 315L 2,4 pole, allowing 105K assessment).


                        5 Motor mounting structure type and main specifications

                        5.1 The structure and installation type of this series of motors are shown as below. 

                        4.2 The main specifications of this series of motors are shown as below.





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