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                      YBX3-IICT4 Explosion motor

                      YBX3-IICT4 Explosion motor

                      YBX3  CT4 efficient explosion-proof motor for factory ,
                      Suitable for plants with flammable gas (hydrogen propane ethylene)
                      Often used for air compressors and other gas equipment,
                      Belong to high-level gas explosion-proof motor.

                        YBX3-ExdIICT4 Gb series of ultra-efficient explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor (center high 80-335)


                        YBX3 series explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motor (frame number 63 ~ 355) (hereinafter referred to as motor), in accordance with GB3836.1-2010 "Explosive environment Part 1: General requirements of equipment" and GB3836.2-2010 "Explosive environment Part 2: Equipment protected by flameproof enclosure "d" GB 3836.3-2010 "Explosive environment Part III: Equipment protected by increased safety type", made of explosion-proof type, explosion-proof mark: Ex d II C T4Gb, can cover Ex d IIA T4Gb, Ex d IIB T4 Gb, suitable for use in plants where there is a possibility of gas (hydrogen propane ethylene) fixed equipment used as a general power plant or factory with ignition temperature group For the T1 ~ T4 group of combustible gases or steam and air to form an explosive mixture of places. Motor electrical performance - JB / T7565.1-2011 "Flameproof type three - phase motor - Part 1: YB3 series flameproof three - phase asynchronous motor (frame number 63 to 355)".

                        Motor explosion-proof performance in line with GB3836.1-2010 "Explosive environment Part 1: General requirements for equipment" and GB3836.2-2010 "Explosive environment Part 2: Equipment protected by flameproof enclosure" d "GB 3836.3-2010" Explosive Environment part III: equipment protected by increased safety type ".



                        2 product model and significance




                        YB: Explosion-proof Asynchronous motor

                        X3:Design code

                        132: Frame center height

                        S2:Frame length code( short frame second core length)

                        2: pole


                        3. Basic parameters

                        Rated voltage: 380V, 600 V, 1140 V, 380/660 V, 660/1140 V
                        Rated frequency: 50HZ
                        Power range: 0.37-375KW
                        Insulation class: F
                        Protection class: IP65
                        Explosion-proof grade: Ex d IIC T4

                        4. Terms of use and conditions of use

                           Ex d IIC T4 Gb is used in factories where there is an explosive mixture of flammable gases such as hydrogen, propane, and ethylene, or vapor and air, in the T4 group.


                        4.1 Motor use environmental conditions

                        4.1.1 ambient air temperature changes with the season, generally not more than 40 ;
                        4.1.2 altitude of not more than 1000m;
                        4.1.3 ambient air maximum relative humidity of not more than 95% (when the temperature is +25 );

                        4.1.4rated voltage of 380V, 660V, 1140V, 380 / 660V, 660 / 1140V.

                        4.1.5 Rated frequency:50Hz

                        4.1.6The motor quota is the continuous working standard, the working type is S1.allowing full pressure to start directly.
                        4.1.7The motor uses F-class insulation, the stator winding temperature rise (resistance method) by 80K assessment (including frame number 315L 2,4 pole and frame size 355, allowing 105K assessment).

                        5. Product selection guide

                        Explosion-proof type:Exd1Mb is suitable for coal mines

                        Explosion-proof type:Exd11Bt4 Gb is Suitable for use in factory has flammable gas (propane ethylene)

                        Explosion-proof type:Exd11Ct4 Gb is Suitable for use in factory has flammable gas(Hydrogen. Propane ethylene)

                        Explosion-proof type: ExtdB21 Db is Suitable for use in factory has flammable dust and flammable flies(such as feed, textile, flour, cement, etc.)

                        Explosion-proof type: Exd11Ct4 Gb/ExtdB21 Db It is suitable for places where the factory has flammable gas and meets flammable dust and flammable flies (such as feed, textile, flour, cement, etc.).




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